Unwind, De-stress and Renew - Luna Orchid Beauty Therapy Suite
H O L I S T I C   T H E R A P I E S
Swedish Massage
A deep tissue massage using almond or grapeseed oil to help relieve tension in muscles and de-stress the mind.

Pregnancy Massage

Swedish Massage adapted to client's needs. If ever there is a time you need a massage it is when you are pregnant. Once you are into your 2nd trimester I can offer you an extremely relaxing massage and target any areas of discomfort caused by pregnancy right up to your due date.

Massage treatment and price list 

30mins  £20
45mins  £25  
1hr        £30
90mins  £45    


A specialist therapeutic foot treatment to re-balance and relax the individual.  Reflexology can specifically help with the alleviation of certain symptoms such as backache, muscular tension in the body, headaches, sinus congestion and most stress related conditions, as well as emotional tension, leaving the individual feeling relaxed and calm.
1hr £30
Course of ten £270

A therapeutic massage using essential oils customised to your individual needs to help improve energy flow and stress levels.  Aromatherapy can help alleviate symptoms such as muscular tension, stress related conditions, IBS and depression, leaving you feeling relaxed and re-energised.
60mins £35
Course of ten £315
90mins £40
Course of ten £360
Ear Candles
Ear CandlesEar candles are a century old remedy used by many cultures worldwide.  Ear Candles are now being used in the modern world as a healing and relaxation treatment.  Ear candles give your ears a natural warmth and help restore balance in your body. 
Candles  £12
Candles and face and scalp massage to increase drainage £20
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